Yael Mayer

Touro’s Lander College of Arts & Sciences

School of Health Sciences of Touro College Speech Language Pathology Program

Yael Mayer

Growing up in a family filled with healthcare professionals, Yael Mayer always assumed she would pursue a career in health or medicine. After graduating from high school, while working at ODA Primary Health Care Center, Yael discovered speech therapy and was immediately fascinated by the field and its many opportunities. Enter Touro, where she began her speech language studies as an undergraduate student at Lander College of Arts & Sciences (LAS).

“I had the opportunity to be involved in Touro’s Freshman Center, which allowed me to take college level courses during my senior year of high school. I saw this as an amazing opportunity to start working towards my career early on and enrolled at the school as soon as I could,” Yael said. Staying within the Touro system for graduate school was a no-brainer, especially given the stellar reputation of the speech language pathology program at the School of Health Sciences.

“I heard amazing things about the program from relatives and friends who had gone to the graduate school. As a student, Touro provides an excellent education in both the classroom and the clinical settings. I feel fully prepared to work in the field,” she said.

After graduating, Yael intends to specialize in voice therapy and help people suffering from various voice disorders to regain strength and heal their vocal cords. “I would like to specialize in voice therapy. When I was working as an assistant at ODA, I spoke to the speech-language pathologists and voice therapists. I asked about the difference between standard speech therapy and voice therapy. I was very intrigued by this specialty, especially as it involves how the voice works to create music and song,” she said.

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