Yosef Buchen

Touro’s Lander College for Men

New York Medical College

Eitan Glucksman

Yosef Buchen broke his hip when he was seven years old. After interacting with the doctors and hospital staff as they worked to repair his fracture, he decided he liked medicine right then and there—and has been working towards his goal of becoming a doctor ever since.

That journey began at Touro, where Yosef was excited to be able to continue his Jewish studies while also preparing for medical school. “I chose Touro because it’s a good school, and I liked that I could study the Torah and take college classes at the same time. Plus, Touro has its own medical school, and undergrads have an advantage to get in.”

That plan worked just the way he intended, and Yosef continued his graduate studies at Touro’s New York Medical College. While medical school is more challenging than he anticipated, he credits the community with helping him get through it. “At NYMC, there’s a great school environment and everyone works together as team. Med school is a lot of work, but the campus community makes it easier.”

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