Lucia Buttaro, PhD

Assistant Professor, TESOL, Bilingual Advanced Certificate Programs

Department of TESOL, Bilingual Advanced Certificate Programs

Graduate School of Education

Areas of Expertise

Second language acquisition and bilingual education


Dr. Buttaro, a dynamic speaker, author and teacher educator, is passionate about her work to develop quality educational programs for ELLs/ bilingual children in the U.S. Dr. Buttaro has presented nationally as well as internationally. She has written extensively in the areas of bilingual education, home language literacy and language diversity. The numerous awards and nominations she has received for her work are a testament to her unsurpassed contributions, dedication and commitment to the field of Bilingual Education. 


Dr. Buttaro received her bachelor's and master of science degree in literary, scientific and technical translations/interpretations from English into Spanish and vice versa from the Instituto de Ensenanza Superior Daguerre in Argentina. She went on to receive her PhD in language, literacy and learning with a specialization in second language acquisition from Fordham University.