Faculty Training and Implementation

-   Admission to online educational programs should be monitored carefully to ensure the integrity of the admissions application process as well as materials submitted to support the admissions application.

-   A secure student login and personalized password (meeting identity management system standards) should be required   to access online courses and related resources, discussions, assignments and assessments. Information gathered as part       of the identity management system for these purposes must be safeguarded carefully to protect student privacy.

-   Guidance on academic integrity issues in online education should be incorporated routinely in the training and orientation materials provided to online faculty.

-   A link to the Touro College and University System Academic Integrity website should be provided to online faculty for incorporation in their course materials.

-   Online faculty should be made aware of general Touro College and University System policies and procedures on academic integrity and the reporting procedure (see below) in the instance that suspected violations of academic integrity are discovered. Touro‚Äôs Vice President of Online Education should also be notified of any action or decision concerning online academic integrity violations.