Covid-19 Update: March 12, 2020

Dear Touro students, staff and faculty,

Considering the events of this week, when entire communities have been placed under quarantine and the possibility that a jurisdiction or campus may need to be shut down, we are testing our capabilities to work offsite tomorrow, Friday March 13. All staff and faculty will be working remotely tomorrow.


While our campus-based libraries will be closed, our online library is accessible via the portal. All inquiries to professors, program directors and administrative staff can be made via email or phone. Although staff and faculty will be working remotely, phone messages will be picked up regularly and all calls returned in a timely manner. Please leave and repeat your email address and telephone number when calling our offices.


In some limited instances, faculty in-person zoom training sessions will take place. Those who have already arranged for these training sessions know who you are and should be in touch with the IT department to confirm your appointment. Both IT and the Helpdesk will be working remotely and available to address your needs. Otherwise, faculty will not be expected on campus.


We want to be sure that we can all work remotely from home. We have numerous resources to help administrative staff continue to carry out their regular duties remotely. There are two resources for this information:

  1. The TouroOne portal home page on the portlet labeled "Working and Teaching Remotely". There is a section with information about Zoom, Banner, Email and Phones. Here is the direct link:
  2. The TouroOne help center with access to helpdesk tickets and knowledge articles. Here is the direct link:

Here are some steps to take to ensure that you are ready to work remotely:

  1. If you are still at work, remember to take home your Touro laptop, mobile phone, and all power supplies and cords.
  2. Be sure that your Touro or home computer has up-to-date virus and malware protection and the latest operating system.
  3. Remember that you can save and retrieve your critical Touro documents in OneDrive or Box.
  4. It is possible to forward your Touro phone to a home phone or mobile phone. Read the directions on how to set up phone forwarding and contact the Helpdesk for support.

Your Dean or Supervisor will contact you to discuss operations, assignments and communication expectations. Please look for an email and/or answer your phone no later than your regularly scheduled start time on Friday.

Note that this is a test for tomorrow only, we expect to be in the office on Monday. We will keep you updated as necessary.

Tomorrow is payday. Those who receive direct deposit will see no change. Those who receive a paper salary check will receive it via US Mail (Consider this a plug for signing up for direct deposit via the portal).

Kindly share any feedback regarding your experiences working at home with so we may make necessary improvements for the future.

Thank you once again for your ongoing patience and collaboration. Again, we appreciate everyone’s willingness to step up and do what is needed to ensure academic and administrative continuity at Touro.

Dr. Alan Kadish
President, Touro College and University System