Screening and Testing

Screening Survey

  • Touro College will require all students and employees to respond to a series of screening questions on their personal devices prior to arriving on campus each day; in the event the screening indicates symptoms of COVID-19, the individual will receive a message prohibiting them from entering the campus that day. The Human Resources Department will review daily the results of the screenings for employees and faculty. The Safety and Security Department will review daily the results of all screenings for students.
    • Touro’s mandatory health screening assessments will include questions about:
      • COVID-19 symptoms in the past 14 days
      • Positive COVID-19 tests in the past 14 days, and/or
      • Close contact with confirmed or suspected COVID-19 cases in the past 14 days
  • Assessment responses will be reviewed every day and the review will be documented.
  • Individuals who do not complete the assessment prior to entering the site will be required to complete one prior to entering the building.
  • Touro’s IT department will train HR and Safety and Security Department staff on how to access the data and those departments will train their staff to make phone calls that are sensitive to employee (HR) and student (Safety and Security) safety.
  • If an employee’s health assessment is flagged by HR for potentially indicating COVID-19 infection, HR will reach out to flagged employees to recommend they seek appropriate medical attention and to ensure that they are not coming into work.
  • In the case an individual’s assessment is flagged or identified as a failed assessment, they may not enter the work site without prior written approval, which shall only be provided with a note from a health care provider indicating that the individual is safe to return to work.
  • Touro will use daily screening to monitor for symptoms of influenza-like illness and may, from time to time, use temperature checks in situations determined in the sole and absolute discretion of the College. The data from these screenings and checks will be reviewed daily.
    • Temperatures may be taken as students and employees enter certain buildings each day (e.g., medical and health sciences programs). Anyone with a temperature over 100 will be denied access to the building.
  • Testing and temperature checks may be implemented if Touro has reasonable cause (e.g. symptomatic individuals, close or proximate contacts, international travel) to do so to prevent widespread outbreak, in its sole and absolute discretion.