Each school and program has its own admissions requirements and application process, so get started by visiting the individual school admissions pages linked below. For all international students, veterans, and students with disabilities, visit International Student Services, Veterans Program website, and Office of Student Disability Services for the resources you'll need. If you already know your program's admissions requirements, you may apply now with our general application.

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Undergraduate Programs

Lander College of Arts & Sciences

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Lander College for Men

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Lander College for Women

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Lander Institute Moscow

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Machon L'Parnasa

• All Programs

New York School for Career and Applied Studies

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School of Health Sciences

• Nursing

School for Lifelong Education

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Touro College Berlin

• German Undergraduate Degrees

• US Undergraduate Degrees

Touro College Israel

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Touro College Los Angeles

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Touro University Worldwide

• Associate's Degree Programs

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Graduate Programs

Graduate School of Business

• Master of Business Administration

• Master of Science in Accounting

• Master of Science in International Business Finance

• Master of Science in Human Resource Management

• Advanced Certificate in Human Resource Management

• Advanced Certificate in Healthcare Management

• Advanced Certificate in Real Estate

Graduate School of Education

• Education & Special Education

• Mathematics Education

• School Counseling

• School Leadership

• Instructional Technology

• Teaching Literacy


Graduate School of Jewish Studies

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Graduate School of Social Work

• Master of Social Work

Graduate School of Technology

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