Graduation Rate Disclosure

Graduation Rate Disclosure

Annual disclosure reflecting our 'overall graduation rate' with various disaggregations.

The cohort consists of full-time degree/certificate seeking undergraduate students entering college for the first time in fall 2011, minus qualifying exclusions. The graduation rate is the percent of the cohort graduating within 150% normal time for the student’s program.

Overall Graduation Rate 57%
Overall Graduation Rate by Gender
Male 54%
Female 59%
Overall Graduation Rate by Race/Ethnicity
Nonresident alien 86%
Hispanic/Latino 52%
American Indian or Alaska Native *****
Asian 49%
Black or African American 55%
Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander 0%
White 58%
Two or more races *****
Race and Ethnicity Unknown 58%


Overall Graduation Rate by Pell Grants and Subsidized Stafford Loans
Pell Grant recipients 46%
Subsidized Stafford Loan recipients who were not Pell Grant recipients 76%
Not Pell Grant recipients and not Subsidized Stafford Loan recipients 70%

***** Because the number of students in this group is not sufficient to yield statistically reliable information and not reveal personally identifiable information about an individual student, the rate is not provided.

Source: IPEDS Graduation Rates 2017-18 survey

Office of Institutional Research - 7/1/2018