Coronavirus Updates

Touro NY and NYMC physical locations are closed but we continue to learn and work online as we strive for business continuity during the Coronavirus. Read all Coronavirus updates.

Last Updated: March 26, 2020, 4:00 pm

OSDS Coordinator Contact List

Executive Director Nicole Barnett
Graduate Division Director Donne G. Kampel
Undergraduate Division Director Dean Avery Horowitz
NYSCAS Rachel Baror
Undergraduate (non-NYSCAS) Dr. Joel Dickstein
Graduate School of Business Celina Dark
Graduate School of Education Maria P. Heim
School of Health Sciences Rivka Molinsky
Graduate School of Social Work Allison Bobick
Graduate School of Technology Arjun Mahat
Graduate School of Jewish Studies Moshe Sherman
Touro College of Dental Medicine Karen Barile Longo
TouroCOM-Harlem Nadege Dady
TouroCOM-Middletown Jerry Cammarata
Touro College of Pharmacy Abraham Jeger
Touro Law Center  Althea Sterling