The Logical Sequencing Formula

The Formula
  1. What do I want to say and where do I want to say it?
  2. What comes first?
  3. What follows?
  4. What comes next?
  5. Have I linked sentences using effective transitional words or phrases?
  6. Have I linked paragraphs using effective transitional words or phrases?
  7. Do I effectively explain, support, clarify or expand my thoughts?
  8. How do I wrap up the paragraph/essay?
  9. Was the conclusion an accurate summary of all that came before?
  10. Have I used concise, clear and direct sentences throughout my writing?

Prof. Robert Laub, Director of The Writing Center, has condensed the Logical Sequencing Formula to “The Three Cs:” Clear, Concise, Common Sense.

Audience and Purpose (A and P)

As a writer, one of your primary goals is to be sure your message is logically organized, clear, focused and understood by your reader. To achieve this goal, always keep in mind “A and P”: Audience and Purpose. Ask yourself, “Who is my audience?” “What is the purpose of my document?”

Identifying “A and P” guides the structure and tone of the document as well as the vocabulary used to present your message.