Day Four, November 11 –Wartime Sabbath In Jerusalem

The Jewish Sabbath was quieter than usual, with fewer people in the streets and synagogues since so many reservists have been called up to serve in the war. The mood was somber, but resolute and not angry. I met with some families who were displaced from their homes due to the war, and are now living in central Jerusalem. They live in a community that did not undergo mandatory evacuation, but decided to come to Jerusalem when a rocket passed through one of their neighbor’s houses moving from window to window without exploding. They and their children are anxious to return home, but cognizant of the fact that no easy resolution to the fighting appears imminent. They were relatively lucky. Only a few people in their community were killed on October 7. The news remains troubling. Several additional IDF soldiers were killed. Civilians in Gaza who did not evacuate the current war zone continue to be killed despite not being targeted, as increasing evidence suggested Hamas has built tunnels underneath schools, residential buildings and healthcare facilities. I continue to hope for a rapid and just resolution to the current conflict.