About CETL

Touro prides itself on its historic commitment to excellence in teaching. The mission of the CETL at Touro University is to advance, support, and sustain a robust and inclusive culture of excellence in teaching and learning across the university, serving its entire faculty so as to achieve distinction in student success for the University.


Strategic Responsibilities:

  • Promote a campus culture that values faculty learning and development.
  • Cultivate relationships with all relevant stakeholders with regard to faculty development at the university—including schools, faculty, administration and students—so that the university can collectively enhance student success.
  • Strategize and organize (1) workshops on pedagogical topics (2) individual and group consultations on teaching and pedagogy (3) classroom visitation and (4) faculty mentoring; these activities will also provide opportunities for faculty to network and collaborate with their colleagues.
  • Educate faculty on evidence-based teaching and learning research through workshops and seminars.
  • Encourage the development of scholarship by faculty in the area of teaching and learning and provide opportunities to further their work through presentations and publications.
  • Facilitate collaborative initiatives with schools and other areas of the university such as Research Councils, Faculty Councils, instructional technology services and libraries.
  • Architect resource platforms such as a Center website, university library books/articles, periodic online newsletter.
  • Connect current and potential resources together to advance faculty initiatives such as outreach work and grant writing.
  • Develop new faculty orientation programs and provide an ongoing space for current faculty to network and collaborate with their colleagues