Assessment Committees

Touro College & University System (TCUS)

Ray W. Alden III, Ph.D., Provost (Touro University Nevada)

Rima Aranha, Ph.D., Director for Strategic Initiatives (Touro College New York)

Stanley L. Boylan, Ph.D., Vice President of Undergraduate Education and Dean of Faculties (Touro College New York)

Karen Clayton, Ph.D., Director of Institutional Research, College of Osteopathic Medicine (Touro College New York)

Tzvi Eleff, M.B.A., Director, Strategic Planning, Analysis & Reporting (Touro College New York)

Zev Eleff, Ph.D., Chief Academic Officer (Hebrew Theological College)

Kathleen Gill, Ph.D., Director of Assessment (Touro College New York)

Robert Goldschmidt, M.A., L.L.D., Vice President for Planning and Assessment; Dean of Students (Touro College New York)

Nadja Graff, Ph.D., Vice President, Division of Graduate Studies (Touro College New York)

Evan Hoberman, M.S., Director of Institutional Effectiveness & Institutional Effectiveness (Touro College New York)

Erica Kaplan, M.Ed., Senior Institutional Research Analyst (Touro College New York)

Shelia Lewis, Ph.D., Provost (Touro University Worldwide)

James Ligorski, M.B.A., Manager of Institutional Effectiveness (Touro College New York)

Eric Linden, Ph.D., Director of Assessment and Evaluation (Touro College New York)

Louis H. Primavera, Ph.D., Dean, Health Sciences (Touro College New York)

Patricia E. Salkin, J.D., Provost, Graduate & Professional Divisions (Touro College New York)

Bupendra Shah, Ph.D., Assistant Dean of Assessment, College of Pharmacy (Touro College New York)

Marian Stoltz-Loike, Ph.D., Vice President, Online Education; Dean, Lander College for Women (Touro College New York)

Sarah Sweitzer, Ph.D., Provost and Chief Academic Officer (Touro University California)

Meiling Tang, Ph.D., Associate Vice President for Institutional Effectiveness (Touro University California)

Laura Yavitz, Ph.D., Associate Vice President for Institutional Effectiveness (Touro University Nevada)

Touro College New York (TCNY)

Robert Goldschmidt (Chair)
Vice President for Planning and Assessment and Accreditation Liaison Officer

Eric Linden (co-chair)
Director of Assessment and Evaluation

Stanley Boylan
Vice President for Undergraduate Education and Dean of Faculties

Gena Bardwell
Director of General Education

Robert Bressler
Chair and Professor of Biology

Arthur Brezak
Chair and Associate Professor of Education

Sabra Brock
Chair Business and Accounting, NYSCAS

Devorah Ehrlich
Deputy Chair of Business and Accounting

Martin Gallatin
Associate Professor of Sociology

Nadja Graff
Vice President of the Graduate Division

Atara Grenadir
Chair of Art

Frada Harel
Chair of English, NYSCAS

Isaac Herskowitz
Dean of Graduate School of Technology

Evan Hoberman
Director of Institutional Research

Avery Horowitz
Dean of Advisement and Counseling

Esther Hurley
Chair and Associate Professor of Speech Pathology

James Ligorski
Manager of Institutional Effectiveness

Hindy Lubinsky
Director of the Graduate Speech Program, School of Health Sciences

Evan Mintzer
Deputy Chair of Chemistry and Physics

Alan Mond
Deputy Chair of Political Science

Mark Press
Chair and Professor of Psychology

Marian Stoltz-Loike
Vice President for Distance Education and Dean of LCW

Karen Sutton
Associate Professor of History

Cynthia Swangin
Deputy Chair of Human Services, NYSCAS

Ira Teich
Assistant Professor of Management

Yannie Ten Broeke
Instructor of Psychology, NYSCAS

Susan Weissman
Chair of Judaic Studies, LCW

David Wohl
Chair and Assistant Professor of Mathematics

James M Zarnowiecki
Associate Professor of Languages and Literature

Touro University California (TUC)

College of Osteopathic Medicine
Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine
Dr. Michael Warner

Dr. Evan Hermel

College of Pharmacy
Doctor of Pharmacy
Dr. Tara Jenkins   

Dr. Kevin Ita

College of Education & Health Sciences
Graduate School of Education
Dr. Louise Santiago

Public Health Program
Ms. Sharon Chesney

Ms. Julie Charles

School of Nursing
Dr. Terrye Moore-Harper

Student Services Division
Dr. James Binkerd & Dr. Steve Jacobson

Office of Institutional Effectiveness
Dr. Meiling Tang (Chair)
Dr. Yang Hu (Staff)

Touro University Nevada (TUN)

Dr. Laura Yavitz, Associate Vice President/Institutional Effectiveness

Dr. Manognya Murukutla, Institutional Effectiveness

Dr. Judith Carrion, Nursing

Dr. Catie Chung, Nursing

Dr. Robyn Otty, Occupational Therapy

Dr. Taylor Hough, Physician Assistant

Ms. Jeanne Klockow, Education

Dr. Terrence Miller, Osteopathic Medicine

Dr. Jacqueline Randa, Physical Therapy

Ms. Linda Pflaster, Institutional Effectiveness

Dr. James McKivigan, Physical Therapy

Hebrew Theological College (HTC)

Evangelos Kobotis M.S., Professor of Mathematics, Chair

Shira Roth, Ed.D., Interim Chair, Department of Education

Michael Verderame, Ph.D., Assistant Dean