A Conversation on American Opportunity: Where Do We Go From Here?

November 9, 2021 7:00pm ET
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11/9/21 7:00 PM A Conversation on American Opportunity: Where Do We Go From Here? Online via Zoom A Conversation on American Opportunity: Where Do We Go From Here?
Online via Zoom

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Fiona Hill


Fiona Hill
Foreign Policy Expert, Academic, Author


Dan Osborn


Dan Osborn
Maintenance Planner Tech at Kellogg, President of BCTGM Local 50G


In America today, we are facing a critical mass of simultaneous upheavals: The fraying of our social, economic and healthcare systems during a global pandemic, a racial justice reckoning, climate anxiety and ever-expanding political division, all while being told that it is “time to get back to work.” Many Americans find themselves having to accept impossible wages, long hours and grueling conditions in exchange for a badge that has become increasingly condescending, “essential worker.” Where do we go from here?

In Fiona Hill’s new book There Is Nothing For You Here, she reveals how declining opportunity has set America on the grim path of modern Russia — and draws on her personal journey out of poverty, as well as her unique perspectives as an historian and policymaker, to show how we can return hope to our forgotten places.

On November 9th, join FOLCS for a virtual conversation on America’s divides, access to opportunity and how we can empower future generations with Fiona Hill, former U.S National Security Council official, and Dan Osborn, the president of BCTGM Local 50G who is leading the union strike against Kellogg.

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