Faculty Experts: Education

Timothy Bellavia

Timothy Bellavia, MFA

Areas of Expertise

Art education, social studies

Lucia Buttaro, PhD

Areas of Expertise

Second language acquisition and bilingual education

image of Ellen Cerniglia

Ellen Cerniglia, Ed.D

Areas of Expertise

Early childhood, online teaching

Velma Cobb, Ed.D., CPCC, ACC

Velma Cobb, Ed.D., CPCC, ACC

Areas of Expertise

Culturally responsive pedagogy, school culture and climate, social and emotional learning,  emotional intelligence, equity and inclusion

Susan Courey

Susan Courey, Ph.D.

Areas of Expertise

Special education, accessible mathematic teachings, learning disabilities including ADHD and autism and teacher preparation

Olga DeJesus

Olga DeJesus, Ed.D.

Areas of Expertise

TESOL, bilingual students, English language learners with disabilities and language acquisition

Jacob Easley

Jacob Easley II, Ph.D.

Areas of Expertise

Educational policy and politics, school leadership, accountability, minority teacher recruitment and development, and school effectiveness

image of Atara Grenadir

Atara Grenadir, MFA, ATR-BC

Areas of Expertise

Art Therapy, Fine Art, Arts Education

Maria Heim

Maria Heim, Ph.D.

Areas of Expertise

Multicultural counseling, crisis intervention, child development and education of children with disabilities

Jennifer Johnson

Jennifer Johnson, M.S.Ed.

Areas of Expertise

Special education, autism

Alan Kadish

Alan Kadish, M.D.

Areas of Expertise

Higher education, education policy, Jewish community, health and medicine, healthcare policy

Robert Kazanowitz, M.S.Ed.

Areas of Expertise

Special Education

Jeff Lichtman

Jeff Lichtman, Ph.D.

Areas of Expertise

Teacher training and preparation, individual and group counseling, social skills development, Jewish general and special education, disabilities, inclusion, children, teens and families, parenting, psychology, mental health, and organizational and community leadership