Steven Tzvi Pirutinsky, Ph.D

Assistant Professor

Graduate School of Social Work

Steven Pirutinsky

Areas of Expertise

Mental health, religion and spirituality, and social work practice


Dr. Pirutinsky is a licensed clinical psychologist whose practice has included a variety of different services such as individual and group psychotherapy for adults and children, psychological and educational testing, risk assessments, family and couple's therapy, foster care services, treatment of youth with sexual behavior problems, and career counseling and assessment. Before joining the Touro faculty full time, Dr. Pirutinsky taught at Columbia University, Georgian Court University, and Ocean County College. His research focuses on the intersections between spirituality, religion, culture, mental health, and well-being particularly within the Orthodox Jewish community. He frequently publishes peer-reviewed research in journals such as Criminal Justice and Behavior, the Journal of Affective Disorders, Health Psychology, the Journal of Family Psychology, and the Journal of Positive Psychology. He is also interested in cutting-edge research methods and statistical analyses as well as experimental methods, and serves as a statistical consultant for a number of large ongoing research projects.



Steven Tzvi Pirutinsky has a B.T.S. from Beth Medrash Govoha, an M.S. in Clinical Psychology from Teachers College – Columbia University, and a Ph.D. from Columbia University. He joined Touro Graduate School of Social Work in 2016.

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