Gena I. Bardwell, MFA

Director, General Education, Touro University Undergraduate Division; Chair, Department of Speech and Communication

Assistant Professor, New York School of Career and Applied Sciences; Adjunct Professor, Touro University Graduate School of Business

Graduate School of Business, NYSCAS - New York School of Career and Applied Studies

Gena Bardwell

Professor Bardwell has an M.F.A. from Rutgers University and a B.F.A. from Stephens College. At NYSCAS, she has taught full-time for Touro since 2009. Courses include Public Speaking, Interpersonal Communication, Human Communications, and Event Management. Since 2012, she taught as an adjunct Strategic Management & Communication at Touro Graduate School of Business.

Her committee appointments include: Co-Chair General Education Subcommittees: Faculty Advisory Committee for the Center on Learning and Teaching (CELT), Co-Chair - STRIVE (Student Success), Outcomes Assessment and Institutional Effectiveness Committee, Faculty Senate, Women’s Leadership Council, Curriculum Committee, Graduation Committee and Council for Faculty Development and Evaluation.

Professor Bardwell’s publications include co-authoring the article “Updating PowerPoint for the New Business Classroom,” published in the July 2019 issue of Informing Science Institute. She has also written for Touro University’s Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning Blog. She was selected for Provost’s 2018, inaugural initiative of, Touro College Academy of Leadership and Management. TCALM. She, like Dr. Unni, are committed to creating opportunities for faculty collaboration. She was Keynote speaker for the Touro Graduate Council’s 2019 spring meeting fostering; Faculty Collaboration in a Commuter Environment.

Teaching Philosophy: “Meet the students where they are and elevate them to new heights of curiosity and discovery.”

Favorite Quote: “Behind their fearful silence, our students want to find their voices, speak their voices, and have their voices heard . . . so that someday they can speak with truth and confidence.” — N. Morton & P.J. Palmer

Professor Bardwell is a playwright and is currently developing a story on the life of her 100-year-old Aunt, residing in the Midwest.