Holocaust Denial

Holocaust Denial On Trial
This website contains information about the 2000 English Holocaust denial court case, Irving v. Penguin Books, Ltd. & Deborah E. Lipstadt. In this case, Dr. Lipstadt and Penguin successfully defended themselves against Irving’s defamation claim by proving the faulty scholarship and methodology behind Irving’s Holocaust denial teachings. The website contains the court opinion, background, a timeline of events, and other resources relating to Holocaust denial and the court case. 

The Holocaust History Project
The Holocaust History Project offers an archive of Holocaust related documents, photographs, recordings, and essays. The site also contains Holocaust-denial information and refutation. 

The Nizkor Project
This website is dedicated to preserving the memory of the Holocaust and monitoring Holocaust-denial and misinformation. The site contains Holocaust research guides, information about people involved with the Holocaust, information about the Nuremburg Trials, and links to Holocaust-related organizations and Shofar FTP Archives.