Holocaust Education Resources: For Teachers

A Teacher's Guide to the Holocaust
A Teacher's Guide to the Holocaust, a resource for teachers, presents three perspectives: "Timeline", "People", and "The Arts". The website also contains guidelines for Holocaust study and an archive of teacher materials and student activities related to the Holocaust.

Cassutto Memorial Lesson Plan
This lesson is intended to supplement any teacher's implementation of the standard Holocaust Education curriculum. It involves the integration of basic historical research, oral history, creative writing, and analysis of primary and secondary documentation.

Fortunoff Video Archives for Holocaust Testimonies
Yale's Holocaust video, created by the Holocaust Survivors Film Project, Inc. collects videotaped testimonies of Holocaust survivors, including those in the Emmy award-winning documentary "Forever Yesterday" and "About the Holocaust", a documentary for secondary schools. These testimonial videos are currently housed at Yale University's Sterling Memorial Library. 

Holocaust Educational Foundation
The Holocaust Education Foundation is a non-profit organization created to preserve and promote Holocaust awareness by facilitating teaching and scholarship at the college and university level. The Foundation offers programs including research fellowships, summer institutes, seminars, conferences, and visiting lecturer opportunities.

Holocaust Teaching Resource Center
The Holocaust Teaching Resource Center, supported by the Holocaust Education Foundation, offers educators with lesson plans, curricula, teachers' manuals, and activities designed to educate students of all ages (kindergarten through college) about the Holocaust. Full page documents are available for printout and use in classroom settings. 

House of the Wannsee Conference Memorial and Educational SiteIn this house – a former industrialist’s villa built in 1915 and used from 1941 to 1945 by the SS as a conference centre and guest house – on 20th January 1942, fifteen high-ranking representatives of the SS, the NSDAP and various ministries met to discuss their cooperation in the planned deportation and murder of the European Jews. The House of the Wannsee Conference Memorial and Educational Site was finally opened in January 1992 on the 50th anniversary of the Wannsee Conference.

Massuah (Israel)
Massuah, the Institute for the Study of the Holocaust Memorial to Members of Zionist Youth Movements in Disaster and Revolt, is a school of Holocaust education in Israel. The Massuah complex contains classrooms, an archive, a library and an educational museum. Massuah offers seminars, teacher training programs, and educational programs. 

Midwest Center for Holocaust Education (MCHE)
The Midwest Center for Holocaust Education (MCHE) seeks to educate the public about the Holocaust and to prevent future genocide. MCHE offers community exhibits, lectures and programs, as well as a library and resource center for Holocaust education purposes. There is also access to a speakers' bureau and information on the White Rose Student Essay Contest on the site, as well as links to Holocaust resources and a special link for educators. 

Project Witness Educators Page
Project Witness provides a variety of tools and resources to respond to concerns of how to teach the Holocaust to children. From the Witness to History textbook, which offers teachers, students, and lay readers a comprehensive analysis of events before, during, and after the Holocaust, to the Rechnitz Remember the Children Passport Program, which ensures that the one and a half million young people who perished in the Holocaust are never forgotten, Project Witness is there to help individuals of all ages recognize the ongoing relevance of the Holocaust.

Shaked Lectures on the Holocaust
A collection of the lectures by Edith Shaked at Pima Community College on “The Holocaust – The Assault on Humanity: From Prejudice and Ideology to Murder, Genocide & Shoah.

Simon Wiesenthal Center
The Simon Wiesenthal Center was established in 1977 to serve as an international Jewish human rights center dedicated to preserving the memory of the Holocaust through education and social action. The Simon Wiesenthal Center's website features digital Holocaust resource archives, information on contemporary human rights issues, and links to the New York Tolerance Center, the Center for Human Dignity in Jerusalem, and other social justice organizations.

South Carolina Educational Television Holocaust Forum
This internet forum was created through a grant from the South Carolina Council on the Holocaust. Its goal is to provide Holocaust-related teaching resources to educators. Curriculum packages and teachers guides are available on the website, including handouts and video resources. The curriculum materials also include a Holocaust timeline and glossary. Finally, a Holocaust Library is available through the Educational Television Holocaust Forum.

Teaching the Holocaust Through Stamps
This website offers an educational lesson plan and resources guide for an interdisciplinary and computerized learning experience. The program utilizes stamps, pictures, texts, and paintings by children in the Holocaust to educate students about the Holocaust.

The Beth Shalom Holocaust Web Center
The Beth Shalom Holocaust Web Centre acts as a central hub for three distinct main sites: Holocaustcentre.net explains the nature and purpose of the Beth Shalom Holocaust Centre, and provides the opportunity for people to access its services and become involved in its work. Holocausthistory.net provides a modular introduction to the Holocaust in its historical context. Aimed primarily at secondary school pupils, it is useful for anyone encountering the subject for the first time. Holocaustbookstore.net is a highly professional online retail store run by Beth Shalom, specialising exclusively in Holocaust and Genocide related books and resources. Any profits from this site are used directly to support the work of the Beth Shalom Holocaust Centre.

The Ghetto Fighters' Museum (Israel)
This is the website for The Ghetto Fighters' Museum and the adjoining Yad LaYeled Museum between Akko and Nahariya. The museum, founded in 1949 by Holocaust survivors, houses information about Jews in the 20th century and educates the public about Jewish resistance movements including the organized uprisings of Jews in ghettos and camps, and Jews who fought in partisan units and the armies of the Allied forces. The website offers museum information as well as information about the museum's archives and educational programs.

The Jewish Foundation for the Righteous
The Jewish Foundation for the Righteous provides financial support to aged and needy non-Jews who rescued Jewish refugees during the Holocaust. The Jewish Foundation also provides educational materials about those non-Jews who aided Jews during the Holocaust and the website contains a bookstore and news updates about these men and women.

The Sydney Jewish Museum (Australia)
This Sydney Jewish Museum specializes in the Holocaust and Australian Jewish history. The website offers information about the museum and its exhibits, as well as educational programs related to the museum.

Torah Tots Holocaust Memorial for Children
A memorial website for children on the Holocaust, including historical information, poetry, pictures, and stories presented in a sensitive manner for children.

United States Holocaust Memorial Museum
The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum offers information about the exhibits in its Washington, D.C. museum as well as exhibits across the United States. The website also contains research tools including a Holocaust Encyclopedia, personal histories of those involved in the Holocaust, and online museum exhibitions. 

US Holocaust Museum Educators’ Toolbox
The website of the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum offers a vast array of resources for teachers: articles; photos; videos; animated maps; and, online exhibitions.  This Guide will help you to navigate the site to make the best use of the resources available whether you are teaching a course on the Holocaust or preparing to bring your students to the Museum.

Washington State Holocaust Education Resource Center (WSHERC)
WSHERC offers educational materials for teaching about the Holocaust, as well as a lending and research library of books, videos and CDs. WSHERC also organizes public exhibits and programs and publishes a newsletter focusing on Holocaust-related educational issues. WSHERC's Online Teaching & Learning Center allows site visitors to access a variety of Holocaust teaching materials.

Yad Vashem Website
Yad Vashem, the Holocaust Martyrs' and Heroes' Remembrance Authority, was established in 1953 to document the history of the Jewish people during the Holocaust period. Located on Har Hazikaron, the Mount of Remembrance, in Jerusalem, Yad Vashem is one of the most expansive and in-depth Holocaust museums in the world. This website links to Yad Vashem materials, including databases and research archives.

Echoes and Reflections: A multimedia curriculum on the Holocaust
Echoes and Reflections is a multimedia curriculum on the Holocaust developed by the Anti-Defamation League, USC Shoah Foundation Institute for Visual History and Education, and Yad Vashem.

Holocaust and Human Rights Education Center
The Holocaust and Human Rights Education Center teaches the lessons of the Holocaust to teachers, students, and the Westchester community. The website offers teacher's resources, curriculums and films.