Holocaust Research Materials: Scholarly Websites

H-Holocaust Discussion List for Scholars of the Holocaust
This website, a part of the H-Net Humanities & Social Sciences OnLine network provides a forum for scholars of the Holocaust to communicate with each other using internet technology. The primarily academic listserv covers the Holocaust itself, anti-semitism, and Jewish history in the 1930’s and 1940’s, World War II history, Germany, and international diplomacy. 

Holocaust Educational Foundation
The Holocaust Education Foundation is a non-profit organization created to preserve and promote Holocaust awareness by facilitating teaching and scholarship at the college and university level. The Foundation offers programs including research fellowships, summer institutes, seminars, conferences, and visiting lecturer opportunities. 

IDEA: A Journal of Social Issues
IDEA is a peer reviewed electronic journal dealing with topics including mass movements, war, genocide, democide, holocaust, and murder. The journal is dedicated to the study of these issues in order to determine, discuss, and educate others about why humans commit acts of murder and genocide, and how to prevent such acts from occurring in society. 

Literature of the Holocaust
Professor Al Filreis created this internet bibliography and news site. The site consists of a bibliography with internet links to holocaust associated articles, texts and images, as well as a “Holocaust News” link containing news (last updated in 2003) regarding people and things related to the Holocaust. Although the site is not regularly updated, it contains a thorough bibliography of Holocaust materials with key word search capabilities. 

The Beth Shalom Holocaust Web Center (England)
The Beth Shalom Holocaust Web Center contains links to the Holocaust Memorial and Education Centre, a memorial and research center dedicated to the history and implications of the Holocaust and a Holocaust resources bookstore. The site also provides access to Aegis, a genocide information website, and “Remembering For the Future”, a Beth Shalom sponsored scholarly forum focusing on Holocaust and genocide issues.

The Holocaust Chronicle
This website contains a digital version of The Holocaust Chronicle, a not-for-profit volume evaluated by professional Holocaust scholars. The website can be viewed by page or through key word searches and contains images, sidebar essays, maps, and a timeline of Holocaust-related events from 1000 B.C. through 1999.

Wyman Institute
The David S. Wyman Institute for Holocaust Studies teaches the history and lessons of America’s response to the Holocaust, through scholarly research, public events, publications, and educational programs.The Wyman Institute strives to bridge the gap between the scholarly community and the general public, by making the historical record accessible to a broader audience through exhibits, speakers, educational curricula, and other forms of media.The Institute brings together a politically, religiously, and culturally diverse group of concerned individuals and scholars, who share a commitment to the importance of studying, documenting, and publicizing the lessons of America’s response to the Holocaust.