Non-Jewish Holocaust Victims

Association of Gypsies/Romani International, Inc.
The Association of Gypsies/Romani International, Inc. published a report, complete with footnotes, on their website. This report offers information about Gypsies in the Holocaust, as well as poetry and reactions to Gypsy treatment in the concentration camps. 

Non-Jewish Holocaust Victims
This website focuses on non-Jewish victims of the Holocaust including the Polish, Afro-Europeans, homosexuals, Gypsies, disabled, and Jehovah’s Witnesses that died under the Nazi regime. The website features reports, newsletters, links, and information about literature dealing with “the other Five Million”. 

The History of the Gay Male and Lesbian Experience During World War II
This website offers insight into the experiences of homosexuals in the Holocaust as well as information about Paragraph 175 and other sexual deviance laws in the German Penal Code.