Resources for Holocaust Survivors

The Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany
The Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany, or Claims Conference, represents the world's Jews in negotiating for compensation and restitution for victims of Nazi persecution and their heirs. The Claims Conference administers compensation funds, recovers unclaimed Jewish property, and allocates funds to institutions that provide social welfare services to Holocaust survivors and preserve the memory and lessons of the Shoah.

Holocaust Art Restitution Project (HARP) Blog
HARP offers information on the paths of dispersal of artwork that disappeared or changed hands during the course of the Holocaust and assists those searching for lost art objects. HARP also provides teaching assistance and information for those interested in the art collections that were dispersed at the hands of the Nazi government and its collaborators between 1933 and 1945. HARP provides information, but will not actually recover missing artwork. 

Holocaust Victims Assets Litigation
This website is an information website focusing on Holocaust victim assets litigation against Swiss banks and other Swiss entities resulting from the proposed $1.25 billion settlement of a class action lawsuit against private Swiss banks and other Swiss entities for their alleged conduct related to the Holocaust. 

JewishGen Holocaust Global Registry
The JewishGen Holocaust Global Registry allows anyone searching for Holocaust survivors, family members, friends, and the identities of child survivors, to place their requests in a central location. The goal of the website is to reunite Holocaust survivors with family, friends, and those seeking them. 

Missing Identity
Holocaust Survivor Children and the Missing Identity Project. Holocaust Survivors who were children and are still trying to locate information regarding their past, and perhaps you can help them. Some hope to find surviving relatives who can tell them about their parents.

New York State Holocaust Claims Processing Office
This state-maintained website provides institutional assistance to individuals recovering Holocaust-looted assets. New York’s Holocaust Claims Processing Office, created under Governor Pataki works to recover assets deposited in European banks, monies never paid in connection with policies issued by European insurers, and lost or looted art.

Project Witness Survivors Page
Project Witness, in addition to archiving interviews with survivors of the Holocaust, provides a helpline for survivor’s in need of assistance so as to connect them with the appropriate care organizations or volunteers.

Red Cross Holocaust and War Victims Tracing Center
The American Red Cross Holocaust and War Victims Tracing Center is a national clearinghouse for those seeking people missing since the Holocaust. The Red Cross assists United States residents searching for proof of internment, forced/slave labor, or evacuation from the former Soviet territories on themselves or family members.’s Search & Unite Site
The London-based Search & Unite office seeks to unite people separated by the Holocaust and locate people with property taken by the State during the Nazi era and post World War II Czechoslovakia. 

The Association of Jewish Refugees (UK)
The Association of Jewish Refugees (AJR) provides social, welfare and care services to Jewish victims of Nazi oppression living in Great Britain. Founded in 1941 by Jewish refugees from central Europe, the AJR has extensive experience attending to the needs of Holocaust refugees and survivors who settled in Britain.

The International Commission on Holocaust Era Insurance Claims (ICHEIC)
ICHEIC was established as a result of negotiations between several European insurance companies, the U.S., and the State of Israel in 1998 to establish a process for collecting and facilitating the processing of insurance claims from the Holocaust period. The 2004 deadline for applications has expired, but the site contains updated information about Holocaust era insurance claims and records of ICHEIC reports and resources.