Virtual Museums and Galleries Holocaust Pictures Collection
A large collection of pictures of the Holocaust, including pictures of the concentration camps, death camps, prisoners, children, ghettos, displaced persons, Einsatzgruppen (mobile killing squads), Hitler, and other Nazi officials.

Baral Family Picture Memorial
Photographs collected and edited by Mr. Martin Baral. The photographs show members of the Baral, Feuer and Ehrlich Families from Cracow Poland and the vicinity, most of whom perished in the Shoah.

Centropa Database of Jewish Memory
Between 2000 and 2010, we interviewed 1,200 Jewish Holocaust survivors still living in Central and Eastern Europe, the former Soviet Union and the Balkans. We digitized 22,000 of their photographs and asked them to tell us their stories about the entire 20th century--as they lived it. Their stories can be found through this website translated into English (some are in German and/or Hungarian).

Chamber of the Holocaust Museum (Israel)
The Chamber of the Holocaust Museum is located on Mt. Zion in Jerusalem. The Chamber of the Holocaust predates Yad Vashem as Israel’s museum dedicated to Holocaust remembrance. This interactive website offers galleries, movies, and other Holocaust-related images and information.

Holocaust Night: A HistoryWiz Exhibit
A collection of photographs from the Holocaust with written descriptions.

Holocaust Pictures Exhibition
Francois Schmitz and Daniel Keren scanned photographs from the Holocaust and wrote descriptions. Those images and captions are available on this website.

Holocaust Survivors and Remembrance Network
The purpose of this "Forget You Not"™ project is to disseminate and publicize the most important available online Holocaust webpages that we can find. We do this by referencing and placing direct links to the selected webpages that can be seen in their entirety through our specially designed frameset "windows." The selected links are being grouped into ten (10) subject-pages that are listed in our Table of Contents (TOC) which forms the site's skeleton. Some of the posted links may appear in more than one subject-page.

Holocaust: The Untold Story
The Newseum program began in 1997 to provide the public with an interactive museum of news, including this internet museum exhibit. This online Newseum exhibit explores the Holocaust through a documentary that premiered on The History Channel in 2001.

KZ Gusen Memorial Committee Digital Archive
The KZ Gusen Memorial Committee Digital Archive’s purpose is to honor the 40,000 victims of KZ Gusen I, II, and III. The archive wishes to make what meager amends are possible to the survivors and their families by disseminating information about these once forgotten camps in Upper Austria  

Labor and the Holocaust: The Jewish Labor Committee and the Anti-Nazi Struggle
The New York University Jewish Labor Committee archive containing 850 boxes of Jewish Labor Committee records, documentation, photographs, posters and graphics has been cataloged by NYU archivists. This online exhibit offers users a portfolio of a hundred photographs and documents from the Jewish Labor Committee Collection to create a chronological view of the Jewish Labor Committee from its origins to the end of the Holocaust and through reconstruction and postwar aid efforts. The site also offers viewers a bibliography of additional resources for research purposes.

Learning About the Holocaust Through Art
The Learning About the Holocaust Through Art website provides users with a browse-able digitized art collection and offers learning materials and interactive tools to incorporate the artwork into educational materials. The website’s art archive can be searched by artist, location, or subject. is a “cybrary” of Holocaust information and materials including a virtual tour of Auschwitz and Birkenau, images of other concentration camps, a search-and-unite site for Holocaust survivors, and educational materials for researchers and teachers.

Simon Wiesenthal Center
The Simon Wiesenthal Center was established in 1977 to serve as an international Jewish human rights center dedicated to preserving the memory of the Holocaust through education and social action. The Simon Wiesenthal Center’s website features digital Holocaust resource archives, information on contemporary human rights issues, and links to the New York Tolerance Center, the Center for Human Dignity in Jerusalem, and other social justice organizations.

The Holocaust Album
This collection of historical and contemporary photographs related to the Holocaust includes links with information and images from the Death March, Holocaust survivor Solly Ganor and the Sugihara Family who saved thousands of Jews from the Nazis. There are also pictures of a return visit made by Holocaust survivors to Germany.

The Mazal Library
The Mazal Library is a resource for historians, researchers, students and the general public containing 20,000 books, microfilm rolls, pamphlets, and ephemera related to the Holocaust, bigotry and anti-semitism, including 70,000 original documents that were used in the Nuremburg Trials. The cyber-library section of the webpage will contain searchable text of the 42 volumes of the International Military Tribunal; the 15 volumes of the Nuernburg Military Tribunal, and the 11 volumes of the Nazi Conspiracy and Aggression. The archives contain PDF versions of various photographs and documents pertaining to the Holocaust.

United States Holocaust Memorial Museum
The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum offers information about the exhibits in its Washington, D.C. museum as well as exhibits across the United States. The website also contains research tools including a Holocaust Encyclopedia, personal histories of those involved in the Holocaust, and online museum exhibitions.

Yad Vashem Website
Yad Vashem, the Holocaust Martyrs' and Heroes' Remembrance Authority, was established in 1953 to document the history of the Jewish people during the Holocaust period. Located on Har Hazikaron, the Mount of Remembrance, in Jerusalem, Yad Vashem is one of the most expansive and in-depth Holocaust museums in the world. This website links to Yad Vashem materials, including databases and research archives.