Reporting Misconduct or Violation

Misconduct – Generally

If you are concerned about a possible violation of law or policy and are uncomfortable raising it through normal channels you may file an anonymous complaint with the OIC.

You may report any situations or College conduct that you believe violates an applicable law, regulation, government contract, grant requirement, or College policy. You do not need to know the exact law or requirement, or be certain a violation has occurred or will occur. When in doubt, the better course of action is to report.

Emergencies should be reported to 911 or the closest security guard.

College employees are expected to report good faith concerns about possible violations of any policy, law, rule, regulation, contract or grant governing any College activity, and are expected to be truthful and cooperative in the College’s investigation of allegations. Knowingly making false reports can lead to discipline.

Misconduct – Sexual Harassment and Discrimination

The College is mindful that civil rights laws have helped bring about profound changes in American education and improved the educational opportunities for all. Many barriers that once prevented individuals from freely choosing educational opportunities and careers have been removed. With its unique mission the College stands at the heart of that transformation. The College’s various divisions and programs are open to all students on their way to becoming our future leaders in business, government, science, the arts, and education.

In the event that a College community member has been discriminated or harassed on a basis of sex, they should report the incident to the Title IX Coordinator:

Matthew Lieberman
Title IX Coordinator
Office of Institutional Compliance
500 7th Avenue, 4th Floor
New York, New York 10018
646-565-6000 Ext. 55667