About the Office of the Provost

Welcome to the Office of the Provost for the Graduate and Professional Divisions of Touro University.

Patricia E. Salkin
‌Rooted in
the  Jewish Intellectual tradition, Touro University’s mission includes a commitment to scholarship and academic inquiry, the transmission of knowledge, social justice, and service to society. We are committed to ensuring high quality academic programs and opportunities for our students, and to fostering an environment that promotes and values faculty excellence in teaching, scholarship and service.   

Almost half the 13,000 Touro University students in New York are enrolled in our graduate and professional schools. The intellectual leadership is provided by more than 600 full-time and part-time faculty members who hold appointments in these schools which include: Touro College of Osteopathic Medicine; Touro College of Pharmacy; Touro College of Dental MedicineJacob D. Fuchsberg Touro Law Center; School of Health Sciences; Graduate School of Business; Graduate School of Education; Graduate School of Jewish Studies; Graduate School of Social Work; and Graduate School of Technology.    

As the Chief Academic Officer for the Graduate and Professional Division at Touro University, the Provost provides leadership, policy formation and guidance for faculty and academic programs. In addition, the office oversees Touro’s research enterprise and budget planning as well as curriculum development and personnel management for the academic divisions. The Office also serves as a vehicle for communication and coordination among the deans of all the graduate and professional schools, and works with the State Education Department and regional and professional accreditation bodies.

I encourage you to check this page frequently for updates to academic policies and programs, to learn about new initiatives and funding opportunities, to read about faculty scholarship and achievements, and to learn about other important efforts to support the intellectual life at our graduate and professional schools.

Patricia Salking Signature

Patricia E. Salkin, JD, PhD
Senior Vice President, Academic Affairs
Provost, Graduate and Professional Divisions