Committees and Councils

TCUS Academic Integrity Council


The Touro College and University System (TCUS) Academic Integrity Council was appointed by the President in the summer of 2012 to coincide with the ratification of the newly-formulated TCUS Academic Integrity Policy. This Policy defines academic integrity and its violations, describes best practices in promoting academic integrity in traditional and in online education, and delineates uniform procedures in the resolution of academic integrity violations. The TCUS Council is charged with monitoring and ensuring that the Academic Integrity Policy is effectively implemented, and fairly and uniformly applied throughout the Touro College and University System.

Specific charges of the Academic Integrity Council include:

  1. Monitor adoption of the TCUS Academic Integrity Policy by the Deans of all Touro Schools or Divisions.
  2. Maintain information provided by the Deans of all Touro Schools or Divisions regarding the identity of the Dean designated as responsible for Academic Integrity and the composition of the individual school Academic Integrity Committee.
  3. Monitor the broad dissemination of the TCUS Academic Integrity Policy.
  4. Oversee and report to the President annually on the implementation of the Academic Integrity Policy throughout the Touro College and University System.
  5. Collect reports on the resolution of academic integrity issues from the various units of the TCUS.
  6. Annually, assess the collected reports for fairness and uniform resolution of similar issues, and report to the President.
  7. Based on its assessment, recommend to the President any changes to the TCUS Academic Integrity Policy.
  8. Draft an Academic Integrity Statement that would be included in all course syllabi.
  9. Draft an Honor Statement that would be adopted by Divisions and Schools of the TCUS for use in their individual program.

TCUS Academic Integrity Policy

Council Members

Hillel Abramson - LAS
Stanley Boylan - Dean of Undergraduate Faculty, NY
Jerry Cammarata - TouroCOM-Middletown, NY
Michael B. Clearfield - COM, TUC
Rodger Citron - Law Center, NY
Nadege Dady - TouroCOM-Harlem, NY
Robert Fardon - NYSCAS, NY
Howard R. Feldman - LCW, NY
Robert Goldschmidt - Vice-President for Planning & Assessment; Dean of Students, NY
Nadja Graff - Vice President Division of Graduate Studies, NY
Jutta Guadagnoli - Assistant Dean for Clinical Curriculum, College of Osteopathic Medicine, TU Nevada
Frada Harel - Chair, English department NYSCAS, NY
Rabbi Yitzchak S. Handel - Dean, Touro College in Israel
Donne Kampel - Associate Dean of Faculties for Development & Evaluation, NY
Rabbi Moshe D. Krupka - Executive Vice President
Zvi Loewy - TCOP, NY
David Luchins - LCW, NY
Louis Primavera - SHS, NY
Richard Riemer - Senior Associate Dean, College of Osteopathic Medicine, TU California
Thomas Rozinski - LAS/LCW/LCM, NY
Michael Shmidman - GSJS, NY
Arnold Spinner - GSE, NY
Moshe Sokol - LCM, NY
Marian Stoltz-Loike - Online Education, LCW, NY
Karen Sutton - LCW, NY
Sara Tabaei - Touro Library, NY
Philip Tompkins - TUN 
Tova Werblowsky - LCW, NY

Council on Faculty Development and Evaluation

Council Members

Henry Abramson, LAS
Ray Alden, Provost, TUN
Gena Bardwell, NYSCAS
Nathalie Bergeron, College of Pharmacy, TUC
Nancy Gallina, GSSW
Louis H. Primavera, NY SHS, Chair
Harold Sirota, TouroCOM
Judah Weinberger, Co-Chair

Ex-officio members

Rabbi Moshe Krupka, E.V.P.
Patricia Salkin, Provost, Graduate and Professional Divisions
Nadja Graff, VP for Graduate Studies
Stanley Boylan, Sr. V.P. for Undergraduate Studies

Committee on Personnel and Promotions

Council Members

Mervin F. Verbit

Kenneth S. Bigel
Robert S. Bressler
Kenneth J. Danishefsky
Ira Gold
Miriam Grossman
Maya Balakirsky Katz
Meira Orentlicher
Melech Press
Milton Schiffenbauer
Alan Sebel
Ann Shinnar
Charles Snow
Michael Szenberg
Rosalie Unterman
Jennifer Zelnick

Ex officio non-voting:
Stanley Boylan
Nadja Graff

Procedures and Timelines for Promotion Applications and Decisions

Faculty Renewal Task Force

Dean Stanley Boylan, VP Undergraduate Education
Rabbi Moshe Krupka, Executive VP
Dr. Nadja Graff, VP Graduate Division
Dr. Louis Primavera, Dean, School of Health Sciences
Dean Patricia Salkin, Interim Provost, Dean, School of Law
Dr. Piotr Kozlowski, College of Osteopathic Medicine
Dr. Nilda Soto-Ruiz, Graduate School of Education
Dean Donne Kampel, Associate Dean (Graduate and Undergraduate Divisions)
Dean Henry Abramson, Dean, Lander College of Arts and Sciences, Flatbush campus
Dean Lenin Ortega, Associate Dean, NYSCAS
Jill Horbacewicz, Director, Physical Therapy Program, School of Health Sciences
Steven Krantz, School of Social Work
Dr. Rivka Molinsky, Assistant Dean, School of Health Sciences
Prof. Sonna Opstad, Graduate School of Education
Dr. Shira Weiner, Physical Therapy Program, School of Health Sciences
Prof. Frances Baer, NYSCAS
Dr. Carole Beckford, NYSCAS
Dr. Kenneth Danishefsky, Lander College for Men, Lander College for Women
Prof. Leonid Litman, Lander College for Men
Prof. Michael Llorenz, Lander College for Women
Prof. Meyer Peikes, Lander Colleges
Dr. Mervin Verbit, Lander Colleges, NYSCAS

Graduate and Professional Deans Council

Council Members

Dr. Nadja Graff, Chair
Harry Ballan, Esq., Law Center
Dr. Sabra Brock, GSB
Dr. Henry Cohen, TCOP
Dr. Martin Diamond, TouroCOM
Dr. Isaac Herskowitz, GST
Dr. Steven Huberman, GSSW
Dr. Louis Primavera, SHS
Dr. Michael Schmidman, GSJS
Dr. Arnold Spinner, GSE
Dr. Kenneth Steier, TouroCOM
Dr. Jay Goldsmith, TCDM

Graduate and Professional Deans Council Meeting Dates:

December 20, 2016; January 17, 2017; February 21, 2017; March 21, 2017; May 16, 2017; June 20, 2017; July 18, 2017; August 15, 2017

Graduate Faculty Council

Annecy Baez, GSSW
Timothy Bellavia, (Co-Chair, GFC) GSE (Ed)
Ruth A. Best, GSE
Elizabeth Chiariello, (Chair, GFC) SHS (OT NYC)
Victoria Comerchero, (Secretary, GFC) SHS (Behavioral Sciences)
Shoshanah Findling, GSE (Ed)

Simcha Fishbane, GSJS
Roslyn A. Haber, GSE (Ed)
Maria Heim, GSE (School Counseling)
Rufina J. Lee, GSSW
Ellen Margolin, GSE
Ted L. Marks, SHS (PT NYC)
Charles F. McGuire, GSE (TESOL)
Leif Rubinstein, Law Center
Robert J. Schreyer, SHS (PT NYC)
Alan Sebel, GSE (School Leadership)

Dan Sharir, SHS (Behavioral Sciences)
Moshe Sherman, GSJS
Sheldon Shuch, GSE (Literacy)
Charles Snow, GSB
Robert A Troiano III, SHS (PT BS)

Graduate Faculty Council Dates:

September 28, 2017; October 26, 2017; November 30, 2017; December 21, 2017; January 18, 2018;  February 15, 2018;  March 15, 2018; April 19, 2018; May 17, 2018

Graduate Faculty Constitution

Research Council

View the Research Council at the Office of Sponsored Programs.

Presidential Awards Committee

Salomon Amar, NYMC
Esquire Anthony, TouroCOM
Gena Bardwell, NYSCAS
Timothy Bellavia, GSE
Yafa Berger, NYSCAS
Myra Berman, Law Center
Katherine DiCaprio, TouroCOM
Robert Fardon, NYSCAS
Donne Kampel, Associate Dean (Graduate and Undergraduate Divisions)
Maya Katz, LCM
Michael Llorenz, LCW
Zvi Lowey, TCOP
Rivka Molinsky, Assistant Dean, SHS
Ronnie Myers, Senior Associate Dean, TCDM
Ann Shinnar, LCM
Marion Stoltz-Loike, Online Education, LCW
Michael Szenberg, LCAS
Judah Weinberger, Vice President, Collaborative Medical Education, Associate Vice President, Undergraduate Education
Jennifer Zelnick, GSSW

Project STRIVE Steering Committee

Steering Committee

Hareg Assefa, TCOP
Gena Bardwell, NYSCAS
Stanley Boylan, VP Undergraduate Education
Jerry Cammarata, TouroCOM
Nadja Graff,
Frada Harel, NYSCAS
Jill Horbacewicz, SHS
Avery Horowitz, LAS
Evan Hoberman
Rivka Molinsky, SHS
Patty Salkin
Chaim Shapiro, LAS
Althea Sterling, Law Center
Briendy Stern, SLE
Marian Stoltz-Loike, LCW
Erica Weissman, Office of Mental Health Services

Subcommittee on Advisement and Mentorship

Co-chairs – Avery Horowitz (LAS), Rivka Molinsky (SHS)

Nadja Graff, ex-officio
Haregewein Assefa (TCOP)
Jill Horbacewicz (SHS)
Henry Abramson (LAS)
Tim Taylor (NYSCAS)
Rodger Citron (Law)
Nadege Dady (TouroCOM)
Charles Priolo (GSB)
Briendy Stern (SLE)
Rachel Baror (Disabilities)
Chana Shaffer (LCW)
Timothy Bellavia (GSE)
Roberta Shiffman (GSSW)

Subcommittee on First-year Experience

Co-chairs – Gena Bardwell (NYSCAS), Erica Weissman (Director, Student Mental Health Services)

Stanley Boylan, Ex-Officio
Althea Sterling (Law)
Renee Blinder (LAS)
Frada Harel (NYSCAS)
Eric Linden (Director of Assessment)
Judah Weinberger (NYSCAS)
Annecy Baez (GSSW)
Sara Tabaei (Library)
Lenin Ortega (NYSCAS)
Rena Purohit (PT)

Subcommittee on Career Services
Co-chairs – Chaim Shapiro (LAS), Robert Grosberg (GST)

Patricia Salkin, Ex Officio
Jerry Cammarata (TouroCOM)
Michael Lipkin (Director of IR&E)
Sabra Brock (GSB)
Roslyn Haber (GSE)
Shoshanah Findling (GSE)
Zena Schechter (SLE)
Herb Ratner (LCM)
Yafa Berger (NYSCAS)