Faculty Promotions - Procedures, Timelines, and Application

The Committee on Faculty Personnel and Promotions operates on a semi-annual cycle, meeting in December and in May. The deadlines for submission of a completed application along with all supporting documents are Friday, November 17, 2017 for consideration at the December 2017 meeting, and Tuesday, April 17, 2018 for consideration at the May 2018 meeting. 

Faculty members should submit the faculty promotion application electronically to the Chair of the Committee on Faculty Personnel and Promotions. Please note that applications, at least in initial draft form, should be submitted well before the deadline as it is the Chair’s practice to meet with each candidate to discuss procedure, to suggest how to prepare the strongest possible application, and to explain that the Committee reserves the right to seek external reviews from people not suggested by the candidate.

The Committee meets in December and May to deliberate on each candidate’s accomplishments in teaching, scholarship and/or creativity, and service, both qualitative and quantitative, and to vote for or against the promotion. The Committee's recommendations are forwarded to the Provost and to the President, with the final decision being made by the President.

For further information contact Committee Chair Dr. Mervin Verbit, Mervin.verbit@touro.edu.