A Career in Law

Legal employment is tracked by the National Association for Job Placement, which measures whether law students have a job 10 months after graduation. While COVID-19 was expected to significantly diminish job prospects for law school students who graduated in 2020, the data indicate only a modest drop in employment. Total employment fell from 90.3% to 88.4%, less than a 2% reduction. However, median salaries rose to $112,310 for law firm jobs and $102,860 for all forms of employment. So-called “big law” firms accounted for 21.3% of the jobs, which paid salaries of $190,000. Since the data was compiled, the standard salary for big law jobs has been raised to over $200,000 per year. 

Salaries vary greatly depending on the type of employment. Whether a student should embark upon the path to a J.D. is a decision that must be based on a wide range of factors. Contact one of Touro's pre-law advisors for further information.