Goals of The Self-Study

The expected goals of our Self-Study are as follows:

  1. To energize and galvanize the Touro College community through participation in an important reflective process that will lead to constructive changes.
  2. To empower all constituencies of the College community with a voice in the self-study process in order to deepen institutional self-understanding and consensus.
  3. To assess the impact of institutional changes and renewal in the past five years on the operations, missions and goals, and strategic plan of the College.
  4. To review, clarify, and, as necessary, recommend changes in the institution’s mission and goals in light of internal and external developments.
  5. To identify, both in academic and in administrative areas, institutional strengths as well as weaknesses, and to make appropriate recommendations for improvements.
  6. To enhance ongoing assessment processes and the use of results throughout the institution.
  7. To identify challenges Touro is likely to face in the future and to suggest strategies for addressing them.
  8. To demonstrate through a comprehensive self-study that MSCHE accreditation standards are met.
  9. To craft a self-study document that can serve as a guide for future institutional planning, change, growth, and renewal.

In essence, the self-study will serve both to evaluate Touro’s current performance and as a planning document for the future of the institution.