Organizational Structure of the Steering Committee and the Task Forces

The President and the Chair of the Self-Study Committee made a conscious decision to create a large Steering Committee of 23 members that would include representatives from the various programs and schools of Touro College. It is expected that this committee will facilitate an effective and participatory self-study process.

Steering Committee membership is as follows:

  1. Robert Goldschmidt (Vice President for Planning and Assessment, ALO), Chair
  2. Nadja Graff (Vice President, Graduate Division), Co-Chair
  3. Eric Linden (Director of Assessment and Evaluation), Co-Chair
  4. Stanley Boylan (Vice President for Undergraduate Education, Dean of Faculties)
  5. Barry Bressler (Dean of Undergraduate Business)
  6. Raul Garcia (Assistant Professor, History)
  7. Menachem Genack (Trustee)
  8. Frada Harel (Chair, English, NYSCAS)
  9. Avery Horowitz (Dean of Advisement)
  10. Donne Kampel (Associate Dean of Faculty and Development)
  11. Moshe Krupka (Executive Vice President)
  12. Hindy Lubinsky (Director of the Graduate Speech Program, School of Health Sciences)
  13. LaMar Miller (Dean of the Graduate School of Education)
  14. Mel Ness (Senior Vice President for Finance and Chief Financial Officer)
  15. Lenin Ortega (Associate Dean - NYSCAS)
  16. Mark Press (Professor and Chair, Department of Psychology)
  17. Thomas Rozinski (Associate Professor, Political Science)
  18. Alan Schoor (Senior Vice President for Operations)
  19. Bashe Simon (Director of Libraries)
  20. Marian Stoltz-Loike (Vice President for Distance Education and Dean of LCW)
  21. Ira Tyszler (Former Dean of Enrollment Management and Institutional Research)
  22. Tova Werblowsky (Chemistry)