Award Recipients

The presidential research development grant program recipients reflecting the diverse research interests of our faculty.


Natalia Aleksiun, Associate Professor, Graduate School of Jewish Studies
"The Anatomy of Antisemitism:  Jews, Cadavers and the Medical Discourse in East Central Europe”

Susan Courey, Chair, Early Childhood Special & General Education, Graduate School of Education
"Young Academic Music" 

Evan Mintzer, Deputy Chair, Chemistry & Physics, Lander College of Arts & Sciences
"Biophysical Studies of Daptomycin and Its Analogs"

Yakov Peter, Assistant Professor, Lander College for Men
"LRRK2 Mutations Exacerbate IFN-gamma-mediated Cell Inflammation of the Gut" 

Steven Pirutinsky, Assistant Professor, Graduate School of Social Work
"Attentional Biases and Religious Coping"

Shira Weiner, Associate Professor, Physical Therapy; Laura Hagen, Associate Professor, Physical Therapy; Julie Kardachi, Associate Professor, Occupational Therapy—School of Health Sciences
"The Effect of IP Simulation on Attitude, Self-Efficacy and Perceived Role in Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy Trainees"

Jennifer Zelnick, Associate Professor, Graduate School of Social Work
"Impact of Depression on Medication Adherence of Drug-Resistant Tuberculosis/HIV Patients" 


Shu Jen Chen-Worley, Associate Professor, Graduate School of Education
"Understanding L2 acquisition and education practice for ESL/EL learners"

Kurt Degenhardt, Associate Professor, Touro College of Osteopathic Medicine-Harlem
"Sex hormones increase tumor growth and metastases of osteosarcoma"

Simcha Fishbane, Professor, Graduate School of Jewish Studies
“An analysis of Rabbi Avraham Danzig’s Haye Adam”

Ann Nowak, Director, Writing Center/Touro College Law Center
"Oral reading disfluency as an indicator of hidden reading comprehension difficulties"

Michael Papetti, Assistant Professor, School of Health Sciences
"Regulation of the TPM4 gene and its involvement in colon cell migration and differentiation”