Academic Integrity Policy

In November 2010, President Alan Kadish appointed a broadly representative Task Force on Academic Integrity to examine the issue of Academic Integrity throughout the Touro College and University System.  The Task Force was charged with the following mission:

  1. To examine the current academic culture with regard to cheating and plagiarism, and the practices and policies of the various Schools and Divisions of the Touro College and University System (TUCS) regarding the same.
  2. To consider issues concerning student plagiarism at Touro and recommend appropriate ways and best practices to eliminate the phenomenon, to the extent that it exists.
  3. To analyze Touro’s approach to test administration and exam security—including repeating test questions, use of proctors, etc.—and recommend additional policies and actions, as appropriate.
  4. To recommend a comprehensive structure and framework at Touro to ensure Academic Integrity throughout its schools, campuses, and programs.

In addressing the issues raised by the President, the Touro College and University System, under the leadership of the Task Force, joined the International Center for Academic Integrity (based in Clemson University), conducted surveys of faculty, administration, and students, and examined best practices in all areas concerning academic integrity both within the Touro College and University System and throughout academic institutions nationally and internationally.  The Task Force has sought to define Policies and Procedures that are clear, uniform, and appropriate to address issues of Academic Integrity at Touro.  The Touro College and University System owes a debt of gratitude to the Presidential Task Force, the members of which are listed in the Appendix.

In developing the TCUS Policy on Academic Integrity, the Task Force drew freely from exemplary policy documents that were already in place within units of the Touro College and University System, including those of the New York Medical College, the Touro College School of Health Sciences, Touro University-California and Touro University-Nevada.  A college-wide survey was conducted in conjunction with Dr. Donald McCabe at Rutgers University, President of the Center for Academic Integrity.  His participation and advice have been invaluable.

This document contains a Statement on Academic Integrity Policy followed by a comprehensive presentation of Violations of Academic Integrity.  Additionally, this document provides Best Practices in the Promotion of Academic Integrity to be adopted by faculty, staff, and students regarding training, test administration, and plagiarism detection.  Finally, the document delineates Procedures in Response to Violations of Academic Integrity, and contains Recommendations on Implementation of this Policy. 

As Dr. Kadish instructed the Task Force, “The issue of Academic Integrity is one that affects every unit and individual involved in academic life.”  It is our hope that the Policies and Procedures Statement will foster Academic Integrity throughout the Touro College and University System. 

Updated September 2015