Procedures in Response to Violations of Academic Integrity

This Touro University System Academic Integrity Policy applies to all Touro students. Any act in violation of this Policy or any allegation of misconduct related to this Policy involving a student must be reported and addressed in accordance with the adjudication procedures outlined below or those of the student’s school, which may not be less stringent than the requirements and standards set forth in this Policy.

The Dean of each school or the Provost shall designate a member of the school’s administration as Chief Academic Integrity Officer (herein referred to as the “CAI Officer”) to oversee the adjudication of violations and to maintain appropriate documentation. The CAI Officer of each school will maintain written records of all violations and resolutions, both informal and formal. The CAI Officer must be an assistant dean or higher, or another appropriate responsible individual approved by the Provost or Vice President of the Undergraduate Division for schools in that Division.

Each school shall designate a Committee that will adjudicate violations of academic integrity via a formal Hearing process.

The Provost or Vice President shall designate a Dean responsible for hearing formal resolution appeals (herein referred to as the “Appeals Dean”). The CAI Officer and the Appeals Dean cannot be the same individual.