The following sanctions may be imposed for violation of this Policy. Sanctions of one class may be accompanied by sanctions of a lesser or greater class. Except in the case of a student’s expulsion or dismissal, any student found to have violated this Policy is required to take additional ethics tutorials intended to assist student to avoid future misconduct.

Class A Sanctions:

  • Expulsion/dismissal
  • Revocation of awarded degree in the event that the violation is identified after graduation 

Class B Sanctions:

  • Suspension (up to twenty-four months)
  • Indication of the violation in a letter of reprimand, in reference letters, licensure and regulatory forms, etc.
  • Notification of the violation to the other schools within the Touro College and University System
  • Indication of ‘disciplinary action for academic integrity violation’ on the permanent transcript 

Class C Sanctions:

  • Placement on Academic Probation
  • Failure in the course, with consequences as determined by the individual program’s rules and regulations 
  • Reduction of the grade for a particular submitted piece of work, segment of work required for a course/clerkship, or the entire course/clerkship with or without the option of redoing the work or the course/clerkship
  • Requiring the student to redo the assignment

 Repeat offenders may be subject to more stringent sanctions.