At A Glance

113,457 alumni. 19,000 students1. 36 schools. 4 countries. One Touro.

Touro University is America’s largest private institution of higher and professional education under Jewish auspices. Every year, thousands of students from all countries and walks of life turn to us to pursue degrees in medicine, education, Jewish Studies, technology—and everything in between.

Touro is America’s largest not-for-profit independent institution of higher and professional education under Jewish auspices. Touro’s schools provide diverse, innovative and engaging course offerings, from medicine and pharmacy to law; business to education; and speech-language pathology to Jewish studies, among other areas and disciplines. We draw our strength not just in our numbers, but from our continued commitment to our values, belief in social justice, and respect for applied knowledge and discovery. From our dedicated faculty to our affordability to our diverse range of students and program offerings, you don't need to look far to see what sets Touro apart.

New York remains the epicenter of the Touro network, with programs thriving in California, Illinois, and Nevada, as well as overseas in Jerusalem, Berlin, and Moscow.

Chartered: 1970
Opened: 1971

  • Chairman of the Board: Zvi Ryzman
  • Chancellor: Rabbi Doniel Lander
  • President: Alan Kadish, M.D.
  • Executive Vice President, University Ombudsman: Rabbi Moshe D. Krupka
  • Senior Vice President, Chief Financial Officer: Melvin Ness, CPA
  • General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer: Michael Newman, J.D.
  • Senior Vice President, Academic Affairs: Patricia Salkin, J.D., Ph.D.
  • Senior Vice President, Operations: Jeffrey Rosengarten, B.A.
  • Senior Vice President, Research Affairs: Salomon Amar, D.D.S., Ph.D.
  • Founding President: Rabbi Dr. Bernard Lander, OBM


Touro was established to perpetuate and enrich the Jewish heritage, to enhance Jewish continuity, as well as to serve the general community in keeping with the historic Judaic commitment to intellectual inquiry and social justice.


Approximately 19,000 students, including 6,400 undergraduates, studying at over 35 colleges, mostly in New York but also in California, Illinois, and Nevada, as well as overseas in Jerusalem, Berlin and Moscow. Students are pursuing graduate and professional degrees in such fields as medicine, law, dentistry, business, education, Jewish studies, and other health science areas and disciplines.


  • Total Faculty: 2,144
  • Full Time: 1,032
  • Part Time: 1,112


  • Approximately 113,457


  • Operating Budget: $572 million
  • Scholarships, Grants and Sponsored Research: $69,826,000

Tuition and Administrative Fees

  • Undergraduate tuition: $14,630-20,550/year
  • Graduate: varies


Undergraduate student demographics:

  • 11% Black/African-American
  • 11% Hispanic/Latino
  • 15% Asian


  • Doctoral: Ph.D., Psy.D.
  • Professional: DDS, Ed.D, DMG, DNP, DO, DPT, DrPH, J.D., M.D., PharmD, OTD
  • Master’s: LL.M, M.A., MAEd, MBA, MEd, MPH, MPS, M.S., MSMHS, MSOT, MSN, MPAS, MSW
  • Bachelor’s: B.A., BASW, B.S., BSN
  • Associate: A.A., A.A.S., A.O.S., A.S.
  • Certificates: Various certificate degree programs offered at graduate and undergraduate levels, in such areas as bilingual education, school leadership, and business and cybersecurity.

Office of Academic Affairs

  • Patricia E. Salkin, J.D., Ph.D., Provost and Senior Vice President, Academic Affairs
  • Edward C. Halperin, M.D., M.A., Provost, Biomedical Affairs, Touro University System
  • Andrew Priest, EdD, MPT, Provost and Chief Academic Officer, Touro University Nevada
  • Tami Hendriksz, D.O., Interim Chief Academic Officer, Touro University California
  • Chani Tessler, Ph.D., Chief Academic Officer, Hebrew Theological College
  • Shelia Lewis, Ph.D., Provost, Touro University Worldwide
  • Stanley Boylan, Ph.D., Vice President and Dean of Faculties, Division of Undergraduate Education, Touro University

Enhancing the Jewish Heritage

  • Lander College for Men (Dr. Moshe Sokol, Dean; Founded 2000, New York)
  • Lander College for Women - The Anna Ruth and Mark Hasten School (Dr. Marian Stoltz-Loike, Dean and Vice President, Online Education; Founded 1974, New York)
  • Lander College of Arts & Sciences – Flatbush (Dr. Robert Goldschmidt, Vice President and Executive Dean, and Dr. Henry Abramson, Academic Dean; Men’s Division Founded 1976, New York; Women’s Division Founded 1978, New York)
  • Institute for Advanced Talmudic Studies (Rabbi Doniel Lander, Rosh Yeshiva/Dean; Founded 1985, New York)4
  • School for Lifelong Education (Shoshana Grun, Director; Founded 1989, New York)
  • Machon L’Parnasa-Institute for Professional Studies (Esther Braun, Director; Founded 1999, New York)
  • Touro College Los Angeles (Rabbi Dr. David Jacobson, Dean; Founded 2005, California)5
  • Touro University Graduate School of Jewish Studies (Dr. Michael Shmidman, Dean; Founded 1981, New York)
  • Hebrew Theological College (Rabbi Shmuel L. Schuman, M.A., CEO; Founded 1921, Chicago; joined TCUS 2015)
    • HTC Skokie Men’s Campus (Dr. Chani Tessler, Chief Academic Officer)
    • Sarah Hartman Women's College (Dr. Chani Tessler, Dean)

Forging Academic Ties Between America and Israel

  • Touro College Israel (Rabbi Dr. Shmuel Klammer, Dean; Founded 1978)

Pioneering the Training of Medical and Health Care Professionals

  • School of Health Sciences of Touro University (Dr. Steven Lorenzet, Dean; Founded 1972, New York)
  • Touro College of Osteopathic Medicine (Dr. Kenneth Steier, Executive Dean. TouroCOM New York, Founded 2007; TouroCOM Middletown, Founded 2014; TouroCOM Montana, Founded 2021)
  • Touro College of Pharmacy (Dr. Henry Cohen, Dean; Founded 2008, New York)
  • New York Medical College (Dr. Edward Halperin, Chancellor and CEO, Touro Provost for Biomedical Affairs; Founded 1860, New York; joined Touro 2011)
    • School of Medicine (Dr. Jerry L. Nadler, Dean; Founded 1860)
    • Graduate School of Basic Medical Sciences (Dr. Mariana K. Holtz, Dean; Founded 1963)
    • School of Health Sciences and Practices (Dr. Robert W. Amler, Dean and Vice President for Government Affairs; Founded 1981)
  • Lovelace Biomedical Research Institute (Dr. Robert Rubin, President & CEO; Founded 1947, New Mexico)
  • Touro College of Dental Medicine (Dr. Ronnie Myers, Dean; Founded 2016, New York)
  • Touro University California, College of Osteopathic Medicine (Dr. Tami Hendriksz, Dean; Founded 1997)
  • Touro University California, College of Pharmacy (Dr. James Scott, Dean; Founded 2005)
  • Touro University California, College of Education and Health Sciences (Dr. Lisa Norton, Dean; Founded 2010)
  • Touro University Nevada, College of Osteopathic Medicine (Dr. Wolfgang G. Gilliar, Dean; Founded 2004)
  • Touro University Nevada, College of Health and Human Services (Dr. Robert Askey, Dean; Founded 2005) 

Advancing Legal Education

  • Jacob D. Fuchsberg Law Center (Elena Langan, J.D., Dean; Founded 1980, New York)

Educating the Educators

  • Touro University Graduate School of Education (Dr. Nelly Lejter, Dean; Founded 1993, New York)
  • Touro University California, Graduate School of Education (Dr. Karis Clarke, Assistant Dean and Director; Founded 2004)
  • Touro University Nevada, College of Health and Human Services (Dr. Robert Askey, Dean; Founded 2005)

Leading in Technology

  • Touro University Graduate School of Technology (Dr. Issac Herskowitz, Dean; Founded 2007, New York)
  • Touro University Illinois (Dr. Chani Tessler, Vice Provost; Founded 2020, Illinois)

Harnessing the Power of Online Degree Programs

  • Touro University Worldwide (Dr. Roy Finaly, Interim CEO; Founded 2008, Hawaii)

Educating Business Leaders of the Future

  • Touro University Graduate School of Business (Dr. Mary Lo-Re, Dean; Founded 1998, New York)

Realizing the American Dream

  • New York School of Career and Applied Studies (Dr. Judah Weinberger, Dean and Vice President, Collaborative Medical Education; Associate Vice President, Undergraduate Education; Founded 1974, New York)

Working in the Community

  • Touro University Graduate School of Social Work (Dr. Nancy Gallina, Dean; Founded 2006, New York)

Enriching Jewish Life in Europe

  • Lander Institute Moscow (Dr. Yehudah Sulimov, Dean; Founded 1991)
  • Touro University Berlin (Jane Williams Boock, Rector and Provost; Founded 2003)
  • Moscow University Touro (Dr. Rene Lekach, Rector; Founded 1991)


1Enrollment data current as of Nov. 21, 2021.

2Total, full time and part time faculty numbers reflect most recently reported data from the Integrated Post-secondary Education Data System as of Nov. 1, 2021. Figures do not include volunteer clinical preceptors, mentors and other non-paid staff.

3Data as of Dec. 31, 2021


5A division of Touro University Worldwide