Primarily a teaching institution, it is the spirit of our students – learning, asking questions – that drives us to research. And it is Touro’s core values that inform our research. As a young university system, we have an agility that allows us to innovate – in our education, thinking, and research – and helps us to move forward in unique and exciting ways.


Touro’s mission to serve the communities in which it lives -- and to serve the underserved, empowering them to improve their circumstances -- influences our research efforts. Our faculty and students are drawn to relevant issues and research with practical implications, guided by the desire to better the lives of their communities. Among the topics we’re researching are: diabetes, breast cancer, autism, pharmacogenomics, healthcare, sustainability, and educational assessment and education delivery.


The Touro College & University System is comprised of various divisions – at New York Medical College, Touro College New York, Touro University California and Touro University Nevada – and expertise – in medicine, health sciences, education and an array of other disciplines. 

Each scholarly and research focus offers a unique perspective and a fresh approach to generating new knowledge. We prize and encourage collaborations among our faculty across our campuses, our schools and our academic specialties.

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Research on Rapid Diagnostic Test for COVID-19 Underway at NYMC

Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, researchers around the world have been working to develop a rapid diagnostic approach to test for the highly infectious Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2).

New York Medical College

Bench to Bedside Webinar Focuses on COVID-19: Vaccine and Testing Challenges

The latest webinar in the Bench to Bedside series on June 30 addressed the state of COVID-19 testing and vaccine development.

New York Medical College

NYMC Collaborates with Regeneron for COVID-19 Clinical Drug Trials

Drug trial at Westchester Medical Center puts NYMC among top researchers in the nation racing to find an effective treatment to fight COVID-19

New York Medical College

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