Research Support

Research Offices

The Office of Sponsored Programs (at Touro University California, Touro University Nevada and Touro University New York) and the Office Research Administration (at New York Medical College) provide a wide range of resources and services to support faculty research, including:

  • Assistance with grant funding opportunities
  • Proposal preparation and submission
  • Award negotiation and acceptance, and non-financial management


Workshops are offered on such topics as search engines (e.g. InfoEd,, and Federal Business Opportunities); effective grant writing strategies; human subjects research compliance issues; research methodologies; and data analysis software technologies.

Institutional Review and Approval of Proposals

The Research Support offices are responsible for coordinating the institutional review and approval of all proposals that seek externally sponsored support.


The Research Support offices serve as a liaison between scientists, administrators, and the sponsors to ensure that all sponsored projects comply with University guidelines and policies, as well as sponsor regulations and award terms. They operate under the direction of the Office of the President, and are an integral part of an institution-wide commitment to a strong research enterprise at Touro.

The Research Support offices also work closely with our institutional compliance committee (Human Subjects, Biohazards and Laboratory Safety, Animal Care and Use) and our Institutional Compliance Offices on matters pertaining to sponsored and intramural research projects.

Contact the Research Support offices at each of our major divisions for more specific information about how they can help you with your research.

New York Medical College

George Young, M.B.A.
Manager, Office of Research
(914) 954-2592

Touro University California

Alejandro Gugliucci, MD, PhD
Director of Sponsored Programs
Professor of Biochemistry
(707) 638-5237

Touro University Nevada

Touro University New York

Glen S. Davis
Director, Office of Sponsored Programs
(212) 463-0400 x5345


Our libraries offer a wide range of support services to our faculty and students conducting research.  These include training workshops and webinars related to publications and various research tools.

New York Medical College


TU Nevada

TU California