Guidelines to Faculty

-   Faculty members should present clearly the academic integrity policy within the online learning environment at the           beginning of the course. The course outline for the online course should contain an explicit heading and section on ACADEMIC INTEGRITY in which appropriate guidelines and policies would be detailed. Faculty should offer the students     the opportunity to discuss the meaning of academic integrity using the course discussion board or chat room. The URL     link to the Touro College and University System Academic Integrity policy should be included in course postings.

-   Students should be required to read and sign an agreement to abide by the campus academic integrity policy. An effective way of accomplishing this is through a check-off box on the home page of the online course.

-    In the instance that collaborative projects are assigned, faculty should clarify to students in writing under a specific course headline the appropriate ground rules for collaboration in online education. The consequences for failure to abide by the guidelines provided should be clarified in writing.

-    Rubrics, or detailed grading criteria, should be provided for every assignment at the beginning of the course, so that students understand how they will be graded.