Training Students

Factors that may influence cheating and plagiarism among students are grade pressure, time pressure, task pressure, negative personal attitude, lack of awareness, and lack of competence. It is, therefore, important to provide adequate training of students regarding all of the relevant parts of this Academic Integrity policy, as well as with as much education and as many opportunities as possible to learn about citation styles, proper writing skills, and plagiarism avoidance.

Students may find online resources, such as this self-test, "How much have you learned about Plagiarism" useful in clarifying how prepared they are in this area. This test is available to TCUS students via the Touro University Library Website.

Student Orientation programs shall include sessions on Touro’s Academic Integrity policy, and each student shall be provided with a copy of the policy at that time. Furthermore, each student must sign an honor statement. Since many Touro schools or units are mission-based or profession-oriented, the ethical values of the school mission should be referenced in the statement. Students will also be required to complete a library-developed session or sessions that demonstrate research method, information literacy, and proper use of sources.

Faculty members are expected to promote academic integrity in the following ways in their classes:

-   Describe academic integrity policies on the first day of class, and refer, in class, to the policy of the Touro College and University System, including appeal processes.

-   Include a clear statement in the class syllabus with a reference to the Touro College and University System’s academic integrity policy (including the website where the policy may be found).

-   Create process-based or plagiarism-proof assignments (examples are abundant and available, if needed). Require up-to-date references. Assign oral reports.

-   Require that all term reports be submitted electronically, preferably through Canvas. Students must be informed that the submitted material will be checked by the instructor for plagiarism.

-   Professors may choose to add an honor pledge to each written assignment and exam for students to sign.