Appeal Process

  • Following a Formal Resolution Hearing and notification of the Committee decision, a student may appeal the decision. An appeal may only be granted on the basis of: 1) evidence of bias of one or more of the members of the Committee; 2) new material documenting information that was not available at the time of the decision; 3) procedural error. 
  • The student has three (3) business days within which to submit a formal written appeal of the decision to the Appeals Dean for the School.   The appeal should be accompanied by the Hearing Committee’s letter and by a narrative explaining the basis for the appeal. The narrative should fully explain the student’s situation and substantiate the reason(s) for advocating a reversal or modification of the decision by the Committee. 
  • The Appeals Dean may request to meet with the student.
  • After consideration of the Appeal, the Appeals Dean may accept, reject or modify the Committee’s decision, and will notify the student in writing of the decision.
  • The Appeals Dean, when notifying the student of the decision, shall inform the student of his/her right to appeal an adverse decision to the Chief Academic Officer.   

 A copy of the Appeals Dean’s final decision will be transmitted to the CAI Officer and the department Chair. 

 A student  has three (3) business  days from receipt of written notification  to submit a formal written appeal of the decision to the respective Chief Academic Officer (CAO) (e.g., the Provost or Senior Provost) or his/her designee. The CAO may grant an appeal only on the basis of one of the following:

  • Evidence of bias of one or more of the members of the Committee or of the Appeals Dean.
  • New material documenting information that was not available to the Committee or the Appeals Dean at the time of the initial decision.
  • Procedural error.

The CAO may conduct interviews and review materials, as appropriate.  The CAO will notify the student, the CAI Officer, and the Appeals Dean in writing of the appeal decision. The decision of the CAO shall be final. 

Status of Student Pending Action

Pending resolution on charges, the status of the student will not be altered except in cases where the student may be considered a danger in a clinical setting.  Such a student may be suspended only from the clinical aspect of their program pending the outcome of a formal resolution.  If a student is suspended for any reason, all as-yet-undisbursed financial aid may be withheld unless or until the action is fully resolved and the student is reinstated. If reinstated, the financial aid funds can be released to the student. If the student is dismissed, the funds will be returned to the proper agency or lender.