Best Faculty Research Publications in 2019


Biomedical, Health, and Natural Sciences

Gold Prize

Julio A. Panza, M.D.
Professor | School of Medicine, New York Medical College

Panza, J. A., Ellis, A. M., Al-Khalidi, H. R., Holly, T. A., Berman, D. S., Oh, J. K., Pohost, G. M., Sopko, G., Chrzanowski, L., Mark, D. B., Kukulski, T., Favaloro, L. E., Maurer, G., Farsky, P. S., Tan, R.-S., Asch, F. M., Velazquez, E. J., Rouleau, J. L., Lee, K. L., & Bonow, R. O. (2019). Myocardial Viability and Long-Term Outcomes in Ischemic Cardiomyopathy. New England Journal of Medicine, 381(8), 739–748.
https://doi. org/10.1056/NEJMoa1807365

Silver Prize

Natalie Bergeron, Ph.D.
Professor | College of Pharmacy, Touro University California

Wang, Z., Bergeron, N., Levison, B. S., Li, X. S., Chiu, S., Jia, X., Koeth, R. A., Li, L., Wu, Y., Tang, W. H. W., Krauss, R. M., & Hazen, S. L. (2019). Impact of Chronic Dietary Red Meat, White Meat, or Non-Meat Protein on Trimethylamine N-oxide Metabolism and Renal Excretion in Healthy Men and Women. European Heart Journal, 40(7), 583–594.

Bronze Prize

Sangmi Chung, Ph.D.
Associate Professor | Graduate School of Basic Medical Sciences, New York Medical College

Shao, Z., Noh, H., Bin Kim, W., Ni, P., Nguyen, C., Cote, S. E., Noyes, E., Zhao, J., Parsons, T., Park, J. M., Zheng, K., Park, J. J., Coyle, J. T., Weinberger, D. R., Straub, R. E., Berman, K. F., Apud, J., Ongur, D., Cohen, B. M., … Chung, S. (2019). Dysregulated Protocadherin-Pathway Activity as an Intrinsic Defect in Induced Pluripotent Stem Cell–Derived Cortical Interneurons From Subjects with Schizophrenia. Nature Neuroscience, 22(2), 229–242.

Arts, Humanities, Social, Behavioral & Educational Sciences

Gold Prize

Carnine Brody, Dr.PH
Associate Professor | College of Education and Health Sciences, Touro University California

Brody, C., Chhoun, P., Tuot, S., Swendeman, D., & Yi, S. (2019). Childhood Conditions, Pathways to Entertainment Work and Current Practices of Female Entertainment Workers in Cambodia: Baseline Findings From the Mobile Link Trial. PLOS ONE, 14(10), e0216578. 

Silver Prize

Marc Graff, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor | Graduate School of Education, Touro University

Graf, M. (2019). Self-Efficacy Beliefs and Academic Procrastination. North American Journal of Psychology, 21(1), 81–100. 

Bronze Prize

Virginia E. Koenig, MSA
Academic Fieldwork Coordinator | School of Health Sciences, Touro University

Koenig, V. E., & Provident, I. M. (2019). Workshop Series for Occupational Therapists Using the US Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality’s Health Literacy Universal Precautions Toolkit and Other Supported Tools. Health Education Journal, 78(4), 451–463.