Posters – Judging Criteria and Prizes to be Awarded

Categories for 2024 Poster Competition

Posters invited for consideration to be presented as part of Research Day 2024 activities will grouped, based on the original abstract submission, under one of the four categories below:

  • Applied, Clinical, & Translational Research
  • Basic Sciences & Natural Sciences
  • Public Health, Epidemiology, & Health Sciences
  • Social, Behavioral, Educational Sciences, & Humanities

Resources for Preparing Posters

The Touro Libraries provide an excellent resource for how to create posters:

Scoring of the Posters for Presentation Selection and Prize Consideration (by local judging committee)

Selection of Posters for Presentation

Similar to the scoring goal of the abstracts, the aim of the invited poster judging process is to highlight excellence in scholarship and research throughout our campuses. Poster judges will apply the same scoring range scale used for scoring the abstracts: 1 to 5, with 1 being the best (half point scores are allowed: e.g., 1.5, 2.5). 

This scale will be applied equally across the criteria list below:

  • Well described overall study strategy and methodology [1=Methodological approach is clearly and fully described; 5=Methodological approach is absent or extremely confusing]
  • Clear presentation of data collection, analysis, and interpretation [1=Main features of results and analysis (such as sample size and summary statistics or statements) are included; 5=Features of data collection and analysis (such as sample size and summary statistics or statements) are absent or extremely confusing]
  • Clear presentation of primary source materials with rigorous analysis [1=source material is very wide in scope and bolsters author's thesis; 5= very limited and/or conflicting source materials that do not sufficiently support the author's wider claims]
  • Significance and future directions [1=Importance of findings and where they lead in the future makes sense in the context of the study; 5=Importance of findings or future work absent or extremely unclear]
  • Innovation [1=Contains new concepts/theoretical frameworks, methods, or devices; 5=Contains no new concepts, methods, or devices]
  • Relevance/Importance [1=Significantly advances knowledge in an area which has potential to improve people’s lives; 5=Study does not advance current knowledge]
  • Overall visual presentation clarity [1=Well-written and laid out in a way to promote quick understanding; 5=Poorly written or poorly designed]

Criteria may be modified to reflect the subject matter and discipline standards of the project.

Best Student Poster Prizes

From among posters selected for presentation, posters with a Touro system student as the lead author will be considered for prizes by a central committee as follows:

  • Two prizes—for first and second place—will be awarded within each of the four topical categories by which the posters are grouped.
  • Each first-place prize will consist of $750 and a certificate. Each second-place prize will consist of $500 and a certificate.
  • The award is for the student first author; the monetary prize will be shared between or among student authors if they have made equal contributions to the project and poster. NOTE: Student first author refers to either the student sole or first author listed on the poster; posters with multiple authors consisting of the research team (including faculty members) are eligible for consideration, so long as the first author is a Touro system student.
  • All student authors of the prize posters will receive a certificate.

The prize recipients will be recognized at Research Day and in all electronically distributed and eventually published materials.