Virtual Posters - How to Access

The juried posters are hosted for Touro University by Genigraphics.

To start the access the hosting site:

  • Go to
  • You will find a listing of the posters.
  • By clicking either “View ePoster” or “ePoster Mode,” you will be able to view each poster and can opt to interact with the presenters via chat box or by clicking on the Zoom button in the upper left.
  • Each poster has an individual Zoom meeting which can be accessed by clicking on the Zoom button in the upper left of each poster when viewed in ePoster mode. [Note: this is separate from the Zoom webinar for the Research Day 2022 program]
  • You are now in the presenter’s individual Zoom session. You may need to reconnect audio.
  • You can navigate between posters since each presenter has an individual Zoom link.
  • Each poster will also have a chat box to allow you to leave comments and questions for the poster authors on a discussion board
  • To use the chat, it is necessary to create a simple account to provide your name which will be posted with your comments
  • Please consider creating this account prior to the Research Day program webinar by using this link:

Genigraphics has prepared a helpful visual slide to guide you.  It will be the first image you see when you commence the access process outlined above.