Jewish Heritage

Rooted in Jewish tradition, built on Jewish values.

Dr. Bernard Lander envisioned and established Touro University to cater to a community of students who were often overlooked. In so doing, he created an environment in which Jewish students’ cultural and spiritual needs could go hand in hand with their educational pursuits.

Touro does not simply accommodate Jewish traditions, it supports and sustains them. The University is one of few in this country that builds in time for students to worship and to study, to celebrate and to honor their cultures and beliefs.

Since 1970, the school has grown exponentially but our values remain. As we’ve expanded, our focus has been on serving diverse communities, as well as Orthodox populations, and catering to students who simply want an exceptional education in a warm, tolerant, and intellectually rigorous environment.

Across all of our schools and programs, we advocate for and expect all students to behave with integrity and respect. We believe in the dignity of all, and strive to contribute toward a society that does as well.

Our Jewish values are universal values.