Advisory Groups

In an ongoing effort to increase support for faculty members with their research, the Research and Data Analysis Advising Group has been formed to provide technical assistance and peer advice.

Group Membership

Members of the Research and Data Analysis Advising group were recruited from the Touro College and University System faculty and administration. Each individual has expertise in various areas of research and/or data analysis. Membership is voluntary and members will not be given compensation for their participation. Individuals wishing to join the Advisory Group should contact Dr. Louis Primavera at

Short biographies, contact information, and areas that Group members are willing to give advisement on are provided below. The information for each advisor is also provided. Please feel free to contact the advisors directly, but also please copy Dr. Louis Primavera on your correspondence so that information can be collected on the use of this service (

Activities Offered by the Advising Group:           

  1. Individual consultation on research projects and grant proposals. Advising Group members can communicate with the faculty members via, email, phone, Zoom, or in person.
  2. Open meetings which can be held via Zoom. These meetings will have no set agenda. One or more members from the Advising Group will moderate the meetings. Faculty members can bring their research and/or data analysis questions. The leaders will answer the questions and engage in a discussion with the attendees. It is expected these discussions will benefit all of those who attend.
  3. Formal Presentation on various topics of research and/or data analysis will be presented using Zoom. This will enable the potential audience to include any of those in the Touro College and University System to attend these presentations. During the summer of each year and again in December, requests for topics for presentation will be sent throughout the University System so as to allow faculty members who are working on a particular project to attend a presentation that will help them with their research projects.