Funding Sources

This page lists opportunities for intramural grants, as well as resources to simplify the search for funding from external sources.

Intramural Funding

Bridge & Seed Funding Grant Program

The Touro College and University System is committed to advancing the research projects of its faculty through cross-campus Bridge and Seed Funding Grants and individual intramural grant programs. The Seed Funding Grant Program is designed to encourage collaboration and the development of innovative interdisciplinary research among faculty, colleges, and campuses throughout the Touro College and University System. The Bridge Funding Grant Program aims to improve the likelihood of securing renewal funding for projects previously funded and with solid proposal priority scores.

Grants Administered By Touro Campuses

New York Medical College

Contact the Office of Research Administration for information about the Intramural Sponsored Research Program and the annual Dean's Research Award program at NYMC

Touro University California

Intramural grants at Touro University California are administered by the Office of Sponsored Research.

Touro University Nevada

Information about Touro University Nevada Research Grants is available here.

Touro University New York

At Touro University, an annual competition is held across all schools and disciplines for Presidential Research Development Grants. These mid-sized awards are for projects with solid preliminary data requiring additional research effort necessary to compete for externally funded awards.

Additionally, the School of Health Sciences runs a competitive pilot grant program annually titled Dean's Research Awards.

Extramural Funding

Extramural Funding Resources

Overview of searching for Funding Sources, with detailed instructions on the use of SPIN Global Suite, as well as information about funding from the government and foundations, prepared by the Office of Sponsored Programs, Touro University California.

Overview of research funding sources, prepared by the NYMC Office of Research Administration.

More Resources can be found on the Resources and Training page.